Summer Policies

Specific add/drop and withdrawal dates can be found on the academic calendar.

Policies regarding withdrawals and refunds can be found in the latest Bulletin.

Course load policy:

Maximum enrollment for any 5-week day session is 10 semester hours, unless exception is granted by the Provost. Courses are taught in very condensed time frame. This maximum limit represents a load approximately 50% greater than the 17 hour ceiling of a normal semester. Successful completion of a maximum summer load will require correspondingly greater effort on the part of the student.

Transfer course equivalencies for transient students

Students from other institutions wishing to take Oglethorpe Core (COR) courses should work out transfer equivalencies with their home institutions in advance. Course descriptions can be found in the current Bulletin and sample syllabi are available on the Core Curriculum webpage. Below are suggested course equivalencies for students seeking to transfer Core curriculum courses taken at Oglethorpe to another institution.

  • COR 101, 102 Narratives of Self I, II  →  Composition and/or Literature
  • COR 104, Art and Culture  →  Art Appreciation
  • COR 201, 202 Human Nature and the Social Order I, II  →  Upper Level Philosophy or Politics
  • COR 203, Great Ideas of Modern Mathematics  →  Introduction to Mathematical Thought
  • COR 301, 302 Historical Perspectives on the Social Order I, II  →  Introduction to Mathematical Thought
  • COR 401, Science and Human Nature: Biological Sciences  →  History of Science or Philosophy of Scientific Thought