How to Enroll

Oglethorpe is accepting applications for summer courses in Atlanta.

Which application is right for me?

Current Oglethorpe students can register for summer courses through OASIS.

Please note, receiving financial aid for the summer semester requires an additional application, available from the Hub for Enrollment Services.

This application is for students age 22+ who want to earn the Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies through our Adult Degree Program. Please visit our Adult Degree Program website for application information.

This application is for traditional-age undergraduate students, or adult students who wish to pursue our degree programs only offered during the day. Visit our undergraduate admission page for application information.

Enrolled elsewhere but back home in Atlanta for the summer? Please fill out the transient student application.

This option is for students who wish to take a course for personal or professional enrichment, but NOT earn course credit.

Apply for admission to audit a course.