How to Enroll

Why enroll online this summer? Taking summer courses is the best way to get a head start on your college journey. Whether you’re taking a major course or an elective, you will be working towards the total credits needed for graduation. With some extra room in your schedule, you can pursue paid work, land an internship, plan a semester abroad, or run for a leadership position in a club or organization. Plus, taking a course this summer will be a great way to transition into college-level work (from the comfort of your couch!).

How much does it cost? Courses cost $500/credit hour, with most courses costing $2,000 for 4 credit hours.

Please see below for an overview of using financial aid for summer courses.

Hope/Zell Eligible Students: If you qualify for the Hope or Zell Miller Scholarships and plan do to enroll in six or more credit hours this summer, you may be eligible to receive funding from the State of Georgia:

  • Hope: $1,141 for attempting a schedule between 6 and 11 credit hours, or $2,282 for schedules of 12 or more credit hours
  • Zell Miller: $1,488 for attempting a schedule between 6 and 11 credit hours, or $2,977 for schedules of 12 or more credit hours

For students receiving the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarships, please note that hours attempted over the summer count toward the 127 attempted hour cap, whether you choose to use the funding or not. To see if you are eligible for Hope or Zell Miller, please review your financial aid award letter.

Pell Eligible Students: If you qualify for the Pell Grant and plan do to enroll in summer courses, you may be eligible to receive the funding.  Pell Grant awards are tiered based on enrollment status.  Pell Grant awards on your award letters are based on full-time enrollment (12 or more hours).  Attempting half-time hours for summer (6-8 hours) would produce half of a full-time Pell award.  For details on Pell eligibility for summer, please consult the Financial Aid Office. 

Stafford Loans: Students attempting six or more credit hours can consider using Stafford Loans over the summer.  However, using Stafford Loans over the summer does reduce the amount of Stafford Loans available to use during fall and spring. Please consult with the Financial Aid Office is you want to use your Stafford Loans for summer courses.

Oglethorpe is accepting applications for summer courses in Atlanta.

Which application is right for me?

Current Oglethorpe students can register for summer courses through OASIS.

Please note, receiving financial aid for the summer semester requires an additional application, available from the Hub for Enrollment Services.

This application is for students age 22+ who want to earn the Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies through our Adult Degree Program. Please visit our Adult Degree Program website for application information.

How do I enroll? First, complete this Summer School Interest Form. Once we have an idea of what you would like to take, a member of our academic advising team will follow up with you by phone. Once you talk through the course options, we will get you registered! More information on dates and courses is available in the Summer School Interest Form.

This application is for traditional-age undergraduate students, or adult students who wish to pursue our degree programs only offered during the day. Visit our undergraduate admission page for application information.

Enrolled elsewhere but back home in Atlanta for the summer? Please fill out the transient student application.

This option is for students who wish to take a course for personal or professional enrichment, but NOT earn course credit.

Apply for admission to audit a course.